Welcome ॐ SATYEN energy & silence

satyen smile with right hand 

Satyen is a Medical Doctor,  Transformational Therapist and Yoga Teacher (Certified BYV / Level 3 senior registered teacher YA) with additional trainings in  Trauma Counselling, Breath Work, Bioenergetics and Human Design analysis,.
He also studied Tibetan Energy Work and Tantra
whilst living with his Master in the Himalayas.

Satyen teaches regular and trauma informed yoga classes  in Perth West Australia, and offers guidance and support .
Email satyen@gmx.net  for more information or
to book a session or join a yoga class.



  • Starting to practise yoga at 42 was a huge challenge for me.  While I have since continued at a moderate pace, Satyen has been very inspiring, supporting and encouraging. His clarity and enthusiasm make every class a unique and rewarding experience for me.  Satyen is a nurturing, patient and generous soul,  this inspires me to explore myself and the world we live in through Yoga. Satyen is a natural teacher who maintains a consistent and high level of spiritual and attention to his teaching, and is a constant inspiration to me. His compassion and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. My yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being, and Satyen’s enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule.

    Janice Chantler, Publisher

  • Satyen is an excellent Yoga teacher.  He is able to teach to all levels while taking care of the individual.  His knowledge of the body and his understanding of yoga means I always enjoy the class, leaving relaxed but challenged, with more strength and flexibility. 

    Alice Cooper, School Teacher

  • Satyen’s yoga classes are a journey . He is extremely knowledgeable and gentle in his teaching. He includes a wonderful balance of strengthening, stretching, relaxation and breathing, very rejuvenating!

    Carmel Elkins, mother of 3